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  • Feb 9, 2017

It’s TRADE SHOW SEASON and a perfect time to consider ways to draw people to your booth. First you must determine the actual result you are looking for. Do you just want to bring traffic (numbers) to your trade show booth or do you want to attract qualified people to your trade show booth?  Would you like to capture their contact information and follow up with them in order to close a sale and hopefully obtain a new customer? Prior to your trade show get a list of attendees and do a pre show mailing (postcard), promote on Facebook and send out Tweets to promote your booth prior to the show.

Some of the most popular trade show giveaways are unusual, light up, or are interactive. Want to attract attention at your next trade show? Following are some suggestions for you to consider.

1) The recipe is simple… Provide a tasty treat (candy, cupcake, nuts, popcorn, etc.) and back it up with branded materials that compliment your theme so your audience remembers you!  Ex. Cupcakes have a cupcake themed booth, popcorn have a popcorn themed booth.  If you are marketing to the masses.  Rent or invest in a popcorn machine.  I’ll find you anywhere if you have popcorn and so will others. If not, marketing to the masses you may want to be more target specific.

2) Laminated Luggage Tags – You must have a laminator for this and some preprinted luggage tags with your logo and contact info.  Ask attendees for their business card and laminate it for them.  Everyone can use a luggage tag and now they have your contact info on the other side.  This also provides you with an opportunity to talk with them while you are making their luggage tag.

3) Microfiber Cloths- Ask the attendee if they have their cell phone handy, open up a microfiber cloth and show them how to use it on their phone. Microfiber cloths are very useful and work well on so many different things, glasses, MP3 players, tablets.  Your logo and information printed on the cloths are sure to be seen over and over.

4) Flavored Lip Balm – Have a “guess the lip balm flavor” contest at your booth. Let the attendees write their “guess” on the back of their business card (or on cards you supply). Have them visit your website to see what the winning flavor is and who the winner is. You will need to make the prize something worthwhile, such as $50 cash or a gift certificate to get them to visit your website!  This not only drives traffic to your website you get their contact information as well.

5) Light Up Products – Would you like to attract visitors to your booth with less effort?  Light up products will do that for you.  Have a few flashing key chains, light up necklaces, or cubes laying out and people will stop by just to see what is flashing.

6) Pedometer – More and more people are using pedometers so why not take advantage of that.  Give away pedometers and ask attendees to return to your booth when the pedometer shows 5,000 steps to receive a nice prize. This not only has them returning to your booth to retrieve their prize but they will tell others thus driving additional traffic to your booth and they will continue to use the pedometer and see your logo over and over.

7) Fortune Cookies – Would you like something creative?  Get some fortune cookies with your custom fortune in them.  You can put cleaver predictions in them or put coupons in the cookies. This is a fun and creative way to drive traffic to your booth.

8) Variable Printing – There are a number of items (mints, hand sanitizer, lip balm)  that can now have your logo and information printed on them and be numbered.  You can then have a contest and pull out a number.  You can announce this at the show or again have them go to your website, enter their information and then see who the winner is.  I would recommend offering a nice prize for this in order to make them want to go to your website.

9) Tote Bag – Give away a nice tote bag with your information prominently printed on it and offer a random prize of $50 – $100 for whomever is carrying it on the trade show floor.  Someone from your company will walk up and randomly select a winner.  This encourages them to advertise for you and again they will tell others thus driving traffic to your booth.

10) Stylus Pens – There are so many nice stylus pens out now and they are extremly reasonable.  Everyone would be happy to receive a nice stylus pen to use on their phone or tablet.

If you would like to have expanded ideas check out our website or call us.  We would be happy to help you find the perfect giveaway for your trade show event.

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