Unique Executive Gift Ideas

  • Feb 9, 2017

When you are assigned the project of purchasing a gift for an executive do you struggle with what to purchase for that great client, corporate executive or executive team?  Maybe you need a special gift to recognize an individual that is retiring, received a promotion or a team that achieved all the company’s goals. Perhaps your company or organization has some super volunteers or sponsors you want to acknowledge and give a big thanks too.

So many companies give a present without putting any thought into it, they just purchase something so they can say it’s been done and cross it off of their “TO DO” list. I had a lady just the other day say ”It doesn’t matter what it is we are just handing it out.”  My thought when she said that was, then why even bother.  I encourage you to give those special individuals a unique gift that will mean something to them.  Get creative, put some thought into it, use it as an opportunity to build goodwill.  Ask yourself . . . do you want it to be an inspiring gift, an executive office game they can have fun with and relieve a little stress, a personalized executive gift that is useful, golf gifts, something they can place on their desk and see every day?

Following are some suggestions for unique executive gifts that will make a person feel special and appreciated.  These gifts are great for volunteers and clients as well.

Leather Journal                                                    Leather Coaster Set
Leatherette Journal                                            Executive Tote Bag
Executive Messenger Bag                                 Steel BBQ Set
Newton’s Cradle Game                                     Executive Indoor Golf Game
Calfskin or Leather Planner                            Unique Desktop Clock
Magnetic Puzzle                                                  Cheese Board Set
Executive Wine Set                                            Executive Puzzle
Gyroscope Clock                                                 Executive Desktop Roulette Game
Leatherette Mahjong Set                                 Backgammon Set
Chess Set                                                              Rosewood Card and Dice Set
Slate Coasters                                                     Metal or Wood Business Card Case
Rolling Overnighter Case                                Executive Gift Baskets
Mont Blanc Pen                                                  Swarovski Bracelet
Wood Valet Box                                                  Leather Computer Briefcase
Wheeled Duffle Bag                                          Wheeled Backpack
Waterford Crystal                                             Men’s or Ladies Watches
Custom Chocolates                                          Solar Powered Backpack

Of course, there are hundreds of items that make a good executive gift and I have mentioned just a few categories.  Maybe one of these executive items will resonate with you, give you a few  ideas or at the least somewhere to start your planning.

Remember when you begin planning to ask yourself does it need to be gender specific, what age group is this intended for, and what is your intent?  What do you hope to achieve?  Do you want to lighten the mood, make them feel really special, or are you like me and want to give a practical, useful but unique gift?  If you want your item to stand out and be memorable, stay away from the gifts that are given over and over.  Example, a lot of companies or organizations will give volunteers a jacket or an umbrella.  If your company or organization wants to stand out from the crowd try to make the item you choose unique.

If you need further assistance, we specialize in finding the perfect unique gift to fit your requirements. If you are looking for an item that is special, classy or you would prefer a fun item we can help you find the best item to fit your need so that your company or organization is remembered and appreciated by your recipient.

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