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Continuous Forms

What are continuous business forms? The forms that have those pin holes down the edges, the forms in the carton are furnished as a continuous strip of forms, (the bottom of one page is joined to the top of the next page), each form is separated by perforations. These continuous forms are intended to be used with your dot matrix or other impact printer.
These are not intended to be used with a laser or inkjet printer.

Custom Continuous Computer Forms allow you to create a customized business form tailored to meet your specific needs.

You may have 1 part, 2 part, 3 part, 4 part, (number of pages) and whatever paper colors you choose. You may choose to print 1 ink color, 2 color or as many ink colors as you like. You can have the forms print on the front of the paper only or print front and back. The forms can be numbered, have special hole punches, etc.

Add your company logo and company colors, to your forms to create a professional looking form that enhances your branding image while improving company efficiency and meeting your specific company requirements.

We can still print carbon and paper or NCR (carbonless) forms whichever you prefer.

To give you an idea of many of the forms we print:

Healthcare Forms | Bill of Lading | Scale Tickets | Estimate Forms
Fitness Forms | Certificate of Origin | Purchase Orders  | Payroll Checks
Packing List | Invoice | Credit Memo | Accounts Payable Checks | Rail Tickets
Hospital Forms | Freight Bill | Statements | Form Label Combinations | Mailers
Continuous Paper | Weight Certificate | Proposals | Continuous Index Cards


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