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Mouse pads as Calendars

Mouse pads as Calendars

Mouse Pad as Calendars! You can have a Note pad mouse pad, a picture frame mouse pad, an original fabric or hard surface mouse pad and you can print a calendar along with your business information or message on them. This is an expensive but very useful product to get your name and product in front of your customer.



Why have 3 out of 4 U.S. employers implemented a wellness program? You do the math…according to industry research every dollar spent on wellness programs saves three dollars in health care costs. Higher production, less sick days, not to mention the added benefits of helping employees lose weight, stop smoking, get fit, and manage chronic diseases. Most employers agree that wellness programs make great fiscal sense, great for moral, and employee productivity. Many companies have started allowing fitness apparel on Fridays to promote and encourage their new wellness programs. If this applies to your company check out our fitness apparel.

QR Code Facts

Just how far can you take a QR code image? QR codes continue to grow in use as more people find methods to implement them into print and digital media. One of the facets being explored is how far you can customize the image itself and still get a readable code. Cute and fancy may look cool but if it doesn’t scan the campaign fails. Here’s an interesting site providing some examples of pushing the graphic image envelope. If you take the time to scan a few of these you will find some scan quickly and others slowly. (A few we tested did not scan at all.) QR codes connect the print world to the virtual world. Applications can link a customer or prospect to an offer, installation instructions, recipe or a myriad of other information sources.!portfolio Always check your QR code to make sure they scan correctly and quickly.

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ESQ Swiss Watch, Movado Watch, or Pedre Watches

Need an executive, retirement, anniversary gift or just something special? Check out our Pedre Watch, ESQ Swiss Watch, or Movado Watches. We have a large assortment for both men and ladies in a variety of styles and price ranges. These can be imprinted with your logo or company name and most can be personalized. Stand out above the rest give something unique!

Full Color Postcards For Inexpensive Marketing

For an inexpensive but effective marketing campaign think of postcards. Due to the changes in printing; postcards are now an inexpensive marketing tool plus you save on postage. Postcards are available in various sizes on a variety of paper weights. You can get a full color front and one color black back in quantities as low as 50 so don't let the quantity scare you off anymore. A good rule of thumb is a contact will have to see your company info at least six times before they remember or recognize you so you might want to consider sending out a postcard with a different message every month for six to ten months to potential clients. To gain even better exposure you might want to consider a postcard with a business card magnet attached. Then if your contact throws the postcard away they can keep the magnet with your contact info or product line on their desk or file cabinet where they will see it everyday. This is a little more expensive than a plain postcard but you will get bang for your buck.

Letterhead & Envelopes for a Lasting Impression

Your company letterhead and envelope reflect your organization's image, personality and quality. You have the opportunity to express who you are through design elements and paper choices. Some things to keep in mind: How do you want to come across? (serious, fun) What content do you want to show? (address, web, logo, etc) What font best reflects your business? Ink Color? Use color to grab attention don't get lost on a desk somewhere(don't get too carried away if cost is an issue) Finish? (smooth or textured) Weight? Choose a nice heavy weight paper to convey quality. Paper Color?

Marketing in a Recession

Marketing in a recession is a must! In a recession people either hunker down, hide their head in the sand, or become movers and shakers. The ones that hunker down are concerned with just surviving the recession and stop marketing (it cost way too much) and everything else. They just wait it out hoping it will be over soon. Those that hide their head in the sand never acknowledging a recession continue to operate in the same manner they always have. They believe if you plod along everything will continue to be the same as in previous years. Well, they believe WRONG. Then we have the mover and shakers - they try out new business building ideas and see what is working for others during a recession. They not only continue to survive but they actually thrive and grow their business. Which one are you? Which one would you like to be? I hope you would like to be in the movers and shakers group. You market wisely and try to get the most for your advertising dollars. You network more and use your time wisely. For creative, cost conscious ideas give us a call or stay tuned to our blog for further marketing ideas.

Positively Build Your Business

AD SPECIALTY PRODCUTS POSITIVELY BUILDS BUSINESS Low Cost ♦ Great Ideas ♦ Increase Name Recognition ♦ Build Customer Loyalty Do you advertise with promotional products? If not you are missing a tremendous opportunity to grow your business. In a 2004 survey, 71% of business travelers at a major airport reported they received a promotional product in the last 12 months. ♦ 33.7% had the item on their person ♦ 76.1% recalled the advertiser's name on the product ♦ 52% did business with the advertiser after receiving the promotional product ♦52.1% of those who did not do business with the advertiser reported that their impression was more favorable. Source PPAI Research 2004 Study by J. Market Research

Promote Your Business

There are numerous reasons to give something to an existing or potential client or customer: ♦ Branding - Reinforce your company's name and core benefit, such as a ruler with the phrase "How do we measure up?" ♦ Image-Building - Helps to reinforce the company's image and niche. ♦ Create A Positive Feeling - In most situations it is human nature to think well of someone who gives you a gift. ♦ New Product Announcements - Have a new product announce or promote it with promotional products. ♦ Reminder - A traditional and useful reason for giveaways is to help people remember the company's name and contact information. ♦ Build A List - Specialty products that are exchanged for names and e-mail addresses of prospects offer one of the best values for a company's advertising dollars. This gives the company a low-cost way to contact potential buyers over and over again.

Promotional Product Tips!

Tips for selecting the Promotional Product that is right for you! Who is your target customer? What products would they use, need, or want? Are you targeting a specific age group? Will they see and use it often? Will it promote a positive image of your business? Do you want something they will use on their desk, home, or car? Giveaways which do not have your company info on them offer no long-term marketing value. Ad specialties which have a branding message offer more marketing potential than giveaways that do not have your imprint on them. A sand stone or leather coaster with your companies name, logo, or website can enhance your positioning strategy. Products which offer an immediate benefit and provide company contact information are a valuable tool for both you and your client. Overwhelmed by the large selection? Give us a call. All we need to know is your target audience (occupation, age range), amount you would like to spend, event date, and where you would like them to use the product ex. car, desk, home, tradeshow. Also let us know if there are any products that are definitely out. We will research and present to you a quality selection of promotional ideas created to your specifications.

Networking Through Others

Use your marketing time and dollars wisely. Market through other businesses giving both of you a positive marketing image. Ex. if you are a locksmith purchase a nice keychain with your company information on it give a supply to the realtors you work with. They can hand this to every homeowner at the time of closing. The homeowner receives a free gift from the realtor and if they want the locks on the house changed they have the locksmith's company information. This makes both the realtor and the locksmith look good.

Corporate Gifts

During the holidays the promotional products industry kicks into high gear. Companies are searching for unique imprinted promotional products that look more expensive than they actually are. What is your primary goal this holiday season? Do you want to say thank you to your clients for their business? Is your intent to acknowledge your clients for purchases they have made and provide a gift of obligation designed to encourage them to continue purchasing from you and hopefully giving you more business in the future? Maybe you wish to thank a number of people at one company. If you send a gift to an entire company, division, or department you might want to send a food gift basket, fruit basket, cookies, or a large tin filled with popcorn. These are practical choices employees can share. If you are providing a more personal gift to the person you do the most business with you might want to consider an item that bears your companies logo. You might want to choose an imprinted promotional item that will remain at the office where everyone can view them. You may also consider an imprinted promotional item that will be taken home and enjoyed. Maybe a coaster set, glassware, BBQ utensils, or an embroidered shirt or jacket. Another option might be something they could use in their car, such as a nice travel mug, a leather computer case, personalized padfolio, or travel bag. Ultimately you must decide what is your objective? Do you want to give something your client will use daily at home or at work, or do you want something that they will enjoy for a specific event like a round of golf? Before purchasing anything you might want to check with the HR department and make sure that the individuals at the company may accept gifts. Many companies have policies that do not allow employees to accept gifts or they may have to share all gifts with other employees.


Are affordable and journals inspire writing, note-taking, list-making, drawing and even doodling. Journals create memorable promotional items that will be used over and over again. Great Uses: • Corporate Meetings • Networking Events • Conferences • Schools • Non-Profit Organizations Keep your name or message in front of your customer with a quality journal.

What Are QR Codes and How Your Business Can Benefit by Using Them

QR codes have revolutionized the way businesses promote their brands, products and events. Marketers are going QR-code crazy; you can find these black-and-white stamp sized squares on just about anything. So how can you use these to benefit your business? How do you make the most of QR codes for your marketing or promotional items? Here are some practical ways to use QR codes in your promotional and marketing materials: 1) Create a code that will call your business when it’s scanned. This saves time and makes it easier for customers to contact you. 2) Exhibiting at a trade show? Create a drawing that requires attendees to scan a QR to be automatically entered. They’ve just gotten a chance to win a prize, and you’ve gained access to their contact information. 3) There are all kinds of creative ways to market your company. You can put a code somewhere on your employees, (ex. clothing, tattoo, bandage, on their business card), accompanied by a catchy tag line to get their attention and make them want to scan your QR code. 4) Create separate codes for special offers or coupons you’re offering. This allows you to track the participation rate (ROI) of an offer or program as well market a specific product. 5) You can create a QR code that sends interested customers to a video demonstration that pertains specifically to the product or service you are promoting. 6) Create a QR code that links to your opt in box by offering a free product, discount or newsletter in exchange for them signing up. This helps you build your e-mail list while giving a potential customer a value added product. 7) Directly link your QR code to your company’s Facebook , Twitter or Linkedin account. 8) On all of your printed materials (business cards, brochures, flyers) print a QR code that directly links to your website. Always test your QR codes before printing them to make sure they work and they direct you to the proper site. Some examples of products you can print QR codes on are: Can Coolers Tote Bags Frisbees Mints Massagers Keychains Mouse Pads Temporary Tattoos Magnets Apparel Stress balls Calendars Postcards Padfolios Business Cards Business Card Holders Brochures Travel Bags Flyers Golf Travel Bags Coupons Continuous Business Forms

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